Rodès village
Rodès is a small, pretty, east facing village, in the Pyrénées-Orientales department of the French Languedoc-Roussillon region. It is just off the N116 road to Andorra, about 25 minutes from the city of Perpignan. The town is part of the district of Prades, with an area code 66165 (also known as code INSEE), and the Rodès zip code is 66320.

Nearby towns
Bouleternère at 2.11 km, Vinça at 3.18 km, Rigarda at 4.31 km, and Ille-sur-Têt at 5.03 km. All of these towns have good cafes and restaurants, whilst Prades and Ille-sur-Tet being slightly larger, have better shopping options and supermarkets.

Facts & figures
The Rodès city hall, on the main road into the village, sits at an altitude of approximately 220 meters above sea level. The village itself has a surface area of 18.11 km ². The village sits at a latitude and longitude of 42.659 degrees North and 2.562 degrees East. The population was 510 in 1999, 586 in 2006 and 597 in 2007. The population density is 32.97 inhabitants per km². The number of houses was 358 in 2007, with 250 of these being main residences, 91 second or occasional homes and 17 vacant homes.